Electronics & Comm.

The branch of Electronics & Comm.Engg..strated in this college from last 15 year . Which is the oldest college in Punjab. The main aim of the branch is to pepare the student as professionals in the field of comm.which is vast field these days.Inspite that in software industry there is lot of demand of electronic engineering engineers. The student after getting diploma in electronics have vast jobs in these fields.

Major Labs

  • Elec.Ins.Meas. lab
  • Digital Elec.Micro Lab
  • Electronics Workshop Lab
  • Elec Devoce & Circuit Lab
  • Tele.&Comm. Lab
  • Elec Devoce & Circuit Labs

  Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
Er. Parminder Singh Lecturer B.Tech, ECE 12 Years
Er. Rajwinder Singh Lecturer M.Tech (E.C.E) 11 Years
Er. Manisha Lecturer M.Tech (E.C.E) 02 Years
Er. Pankaj Kumar Lecturer B.Tech (E.C.E) 02 Years
Er. Satnam Singh Lecturer M.E (E.C.E) 02 Years
Rajinder Singh Technician ITI Radio & TV 22 Years