Fee Structure

Fee structure will be prescribed by the government of Punjab.Students have to pay their fee on the basis of semester system.Toppers have discount on their fees or free ships. Full free ships would be provided to 5% of the students admitted to every academic year of every course on the basis of merit, individual student would continue to enjoy full freeship,if he/she continues to remain within top 5% of his/her class in each semester.Similarily,half free ship would be provided to 5% of the students in each course & each semester purely on merit basis.


5% Full free ship & 5% Half-free ship will be awarded by the Principal. The Following fees and other charges are payable by students for the full session i.e. 12 months during academic session:-
1. Tution Fees  Rs. 22,000 P.A.
2. Development Fund as Conveyed by A.I.C.T.E  Rs.2,750 P.A
3. Security  Rs. 500(One Time) 
4. Hostel related Fee: 
a Room Rent  Rs. 600 P.A. 
b Mess Fund
Rs. 600 P.A.
c Electricity and Water Supply Charges
Rs. 600 P.A
d Common Room / Club
Rs. 50 P.A
5. Student Activities Related Fund
a Student Fund  500 P.A. 
b Annual Cultural Fund  50 P.A. 
c Audio Visual  50 P.A. 
d Library Fund  100 P.A. 
e Magazine Charges  25 P.A.  
f House Examination   50 P.A.  
g Stationery Charges   50 P.A.  
h NCC/NSS   25 P.A.  
i Cycle/Scooter Charges  100 P.A.  
j Medical Fund   50 P.A.  
k Drawing Board   100 P.A.  
l General Maintenance and Upkeep   500 P.A  
m Recreation   50 P.A.  
n Student Chapter   25 P.A.  
Total   1775 P.A.  
o Valedictory Fund   50(One time)  
p Smartcard Identity Card   50(One time)  
q Student Sports Fund  Rs. 50 P.A 
r Refundable Security   100(One time)  
Total   200
Feeship Ist to VI th Sem:-   
Full Freeship 5% on the basis Ist toper students    
Half Freeship 5% on the basis IInd toper students   
First semester on the basis of J.E.T
Remaining semester on the basis of performance in PBSTE & IT Examination